An RTCc is a counsellor with less than the minimum hours set for an RTC (200 hours). The small 'c' stands for 'candidate. An RTCc has a minimum of 100 direct client contact hours and 20 clinical supervision hours which may include practicum experience, and/or paid or unpaid work experience in a counselling-related capacity conducted within the last five years.

Because an RTCc has fewer hours of experience their rate is $90 for a 50 min session. A full RTC is $120 for a 50 min session.

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An RTCc is a Counsellor who needs more hours in one on one sessions before they are considered a fully Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (RTC). The little 'c' stands for candidate. They are still covered by insurance. However, their rate is $90 compared to $120 for an RTC.