Supervision Services

for ACCT Counsellors and Therapists

Welcome to our supervision services, offered by Rebecca Helps (MTC #2434), designed to support the professional growth and development of counsellors and therapists.

Our offerings are crafted to exceed the current requirements set by the ACCT, preparing you to hopefully meet and perhaps surpass the anticipated standards of a forthcoming college of therapists.

Whether you're looking to deepen your therapeutic skills, navigate complex ethical dilemmas, or prepare to be a supervisor, our programs are structured to support your journey.

Our Supervision Programs

We offer three distinct yet complementary supervision formats:

Individual, Dyadic, and Group

Each format is tailored to cater to different learning styles, professional needs, and developmental stages in your counselling career. Our goal is to provide you with a robust foundation of support, learning, and professional development, with a goal of 24 hours of supervision annually—triple the current ACCT requirement.

  • Individual Supervision: A one-on-one session tailored to your unique developmental needs, focusing on personal growth, case consultation, and therapeutic techniques.
  • Dyadic Supervision:  A cooperative session for two participants to explore shared and individual learning goals, enhancing each other's understanding through collaboration and reflection. Dyadic supervision hours count as individual supervision hours. 
  • Group Supervision: A collective session for 3 to 6 participants, offering a rich environment for peer learning, diverse perspectives, and community support across four 3-hour sessions annually.

Participants are encouraged to commit to 12 hours of individual or dyadic supervision and 12 hours of group supervision each year, ensuring a comprehensive developmental experience.

Why Choose Our Supervision?

Exceeding Professional Standards: While the ACCT currently requires 8 hours of supervision annually, our program offers 24 hours, anticipating the needs of future regulatory changes and ensuring you're well-prepared for any developments.

Pathway to Supervision: For those interested in becoming supervisors, our structured program provides a clear pathway. Completing 24 supervision hours annually over 6.25 years fulfills the current requirements for supervision designation, including a balanced mix of individual/dyadic and group supervision.

Development Focused: Our supervision aligns with the FACTBC competencies, guiding you to identify and enhance your skills across a spectrum of counselling practices. This structured approach enriches your professional development, preparing you for varied roles within the therapeutic field.

Qualifications and Experience: Led by a professional with an MTC designation, who has completed the necessary coursework for supervision and embodies a wealth of experience, our sessions are designed to foster an environment of growth, learning, and professional excellence.

Join Our Supervision Program

Embrace this opportunity to enrich your counselling practice, prepare for future regulatory requirements, and potentially embark on a path to becoming a supervisor. Our comprehensive program is designed to support your professional journey, offering more than just supervision hours—it's a commitment to your ongoing development and excellence in the field of therapy.

For more information or to enroll in our supervision programs, please contact our Client Services Manager, Nikki or call Nikki at 778-740-0680.