One-off vs ongoing sessions

Everyone has different needs. This is why we offer two kinds of sessions: one-off and ongoing sessions. A one-off session is a one-hour session for those who have sufficient support in their everyday life. They want to talk through a simple, isolated issue with the benefit of a neutral, professional perspective.     

Ongoing sessions are multiple sessions over a period of time. These sessions are ideal for first-time therapy clients or for those who want the benefit of more profound emotional healing. Ongoing sessions include the First Session, Subsequent Sessions, and Ending Session.    

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First Session

The first session is an information-gathering session. To understand you and your struggle in a bigger context, your counsellor will ask you questions. Questions about your family history, childhood, lifestyle, significant events and relationships, and ultimately, what you wish to achieve in therapy. This gives us a good foundation on which to build the following sessions.  

Subsequent Sessions

Subsequent sessions are an opportunity to examine what brought you to therapy—and why at this point in your life. We explore your current struggles and what obstacles come up for you as you approach your goal. We will look at stories, behaviours or thought patterns to see whether they serve you. If not, we explore new possibilities.     

Change is never easy and often involves taking risks. You might find that you feel worse (more angry, sad, or stuck) than you were before. This is normal. If you are trying things you’ve never done before, it’s possible for you to feel worse before you feel better.  

Ending Session  

After some time, you and your counsellor may find that you have made sufficient progress towards your goal and do not require further sessions. If this is the case, you will spend the last session reviewing your progress, your biggest take-aways, and the challenges you anticipate facing in the future.  

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