An unhealthy level of anxiety and stress can affect your ability to be yourself.
It can feel like constant restlessness, doubt, constriction, mind fog, or a debilitating sense that something is wrong.

You are overconcerned about what other people think and what will happen in the future, which stops you from enjoying your life. When you are acting out of your anxiety, you might feel the need to control others, which makes the people in your life feel anxious around you too.

We offer one-on-one therapeutic support from a trained professional who has lived experience and knows how challenging anxiety can be. We offer two types of sessions. (1) Ongoing for those who want to get the root of their recurring anxiety or extra support through crisis, and (2) One-off sessions for those with good everyday support wanting the benefit of a focused, neutral outside perspective.

Together, we identify lifestyle factors and history that contribute to the present stress. We explore options on how to address it. You are given practical, applicable exercises and strategies to manage anxiety when it occurs in the moment. By addressing your anxiety and stress through the help of a professional, you begin to feel more confident, creative, present, and capable in your life and your relationships.