At its worst, depression feels like a dark abyss with no way of climbing out.

You are withdrawing, feeling like there is no safe place in the world you can land.

Functional depression feels like you can still get up and do all the things that need to be done, but there is no heart in it. Your sense of joy, passion, or interest is gone. Life is like a constant shade of grey.

We offer one-on-one support with a professional with extensive training and lived experience of depression that understands how difficult depression can be. Our therapists have been there—and they can meet you and stay with you in those dark places when it feels like no one else can.

Therapy creates a different experience for you, where you are heard, seen, and felt.  Depression thrives when it's hidden. With connection, the cloud of depression starts to lift and you begin to open up, feel again, and see all colours of life. You learn it's ok to be yourself around others regardless of how you are feeling. Best of all you learn to ask for support when you are down.

We don't just provide strategies or exercises—we provide connection. We are deeply committed to helping individuals find healing with honesty, openness, integrity and a little sense of humility and humour along the way.