When we are children, it's hard for us to communicate our needs and seek support in the way we do as adults.
Our logical brains don't come online until we are 10 years old, and our brains don't stop developing until well into the early '20s.

This means that when we (as adults) see kids struggling, it can be hard to communicate with them "on their level." You see their behaviours, but you don't understand what causes them, so you don't know how to help. You want your child to have support and understanding in whatever they are going through.

We offer one-on-one counselling with a therapist with extensive experience and training working with kids. Our Trainee Associates —Julie Geremia and Lindsey Sherman—work extensively with young kids and adolescents. They offer support and connection that meets kids where they are at. Expressive art therapy and play are incorporated into sessions along with talking therapy to engage and connect with your child.

Kids and teens deserve as much support as adults. They navigate complicated lives in a complex world. They are learning who they are, what they want, what the world expects of them. When things don't go right, they have big feelings about it. Counselling helps them adapt to the changes in their lives and express emotions in a healthy way. Counselling also helps kids grow their inner resourcefulness and self-esteem.