An emotional crisis feels like you are on a roller coaster and don't know how to get off.
Something happened or didn't happen, and you're struggling to get back on track with your life.

You experience highs, lows, triggers, outbursts, and everything in between. Sometimes you think something must be wrong with you because you are not yourself and others are noticing.

We offer one-on-one therapeutic counselling with a counsellor who has training and lived experience of emotional crises. We provide ongoing sessions for those who want continuing care and support in whatever they are facing. We also offer one-off sessions for those with adequate support in everyday life but who want a neutral, professional perspective on their situation.

Often, we beat ourselves up for not knowing how to handle the ups and downs of life alone. We are taught to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and move on. But life doesn't work that way. Things happen that destabilize our status quo and challenge us to re-calibrate, reframe our ways of thinking. Counselling meets you here and offers support, so you don't have to do it all alone.

As therapists, our goal isn't to eliminate life's challenges but to support you to move through them with integrity, good boundaries, and compassion for yourself and others. You can apply the learning from one crisis to the next and see yourself thrive and grow even during challenging times.