Climate change is rapidly changing the way we live and how we feel about the future.
Some feel fear and anxiety.

Some worry about what type of future their children will have. Some realized we have reached various tipping points and understand what is coming—and this causes stress. Jobs and industries are changing. Fire evacuations and draughts displace people from their homes. This new reality inspires anxiety, stress, anger, and depression. How not to feel hopeless in the face of it all is a serious question we need to be asking.

We offer one-on-one counselling with a therapist who understands where you are coming from. Our own Rebecca Helps specializes in this area. Having run for the BC Green Party in 2009, she served as an Executive Director of the party from 2010 to 2013. Rebecca struggled daily with thoughts of the impending consequences of climate change. Through her personal development work, Rebecca found a balance between being paralyzed with fear for the future and living a whole and enjoyable life, even knowing what is coming.

You will receive support and connection to meet you where you are at. A safe place to talk through your fears without judgement or minimizing. We help you find your own inner resilience and courage.

When we fight so hard that we become entrenched and consumed with the things we are fighting against, it can harm our relationships. It can affect our health and sap our will to keep going. By getting support and navigating your inner turmoil, you will be better positioned to handle the challenges facing you—without burning out.

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