What if the counsellor I want isn't available?

If the counsellor you want isn't available, reach out to us by email or phone. Sometimes counsellors will make accommodations for returning clients and book them outside of their regular shifts.  

Do my benefits cover your services?

We encourage all our clients to double-check with their individual benefit plan providers. Some providers cover our services (such as GreenShield, Blue Cross and SunLife). Some don't. Trainee Associates are usually not covered.  

Are your services covered by MSP or disability coverage?  

No, unfortunately, our services aren't covered by MSP or disability coverage.  

What is your cancellation policy?  

We ask for a 24-hour notice in case you wish to reschedule or cancel your appointment. If cancellation is made with less than 24 hours, we charge 50% of the session fee.  

What is client-therapist confidentiality?

All our sessions are held by client-therapist confidentiality. This means that the content of our sessions is held in strict privacy within the container of the session. As the client, you are free to share with others details of your sessions. Your therapist cannot do the same. This is why if you ever run into your therapist in a public space, your therapist won't acknowledge you unless you acknowledge them first. This isn't because they are being rude—it's because they are protecting your confidentiality and privacy even outside the session.    

There are a couple of instances where confidentiality may be legally broken by the therapist. If the court mandates the therapist to break confidentiality. Or, if the therapist has reason to believe, you are likely to harm yourself or another. If this ever happened, we will do our best to let you know our intention to break confidentiality. 

What are your credentials?  

All our counsellors have valid and recognized credentials to practice as counsellors. Our experience and training are verified by our governing body—the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists. If you want to know more about our specific training, check out our individual profiles.  

How much counselling do I need?

Everyone learns differently and at a different rate. It's hard to say how much counselling one person will need. You can expect to see changes in yourself at around 6 sessions. More significant changes may take 10 to 20 sessions or more. For more information, check out this article: How Long Does Therapy Take.   

I'm a parent, and my child is your client.

Can I know what you talk about?  

No, we cannot disclose details of the sessions with you. Our sessions are held by the same confidentiality requirements as regular adult sessions. This means that if you want to know what your child is talking about in their sessions, it's best to ask them directly and respect their decision as to what they chose to tell you.   

I'm nervous about counselling.

Is this normal?  

Absolutely! For many of our clients, it's their first time in therapy. This might be your first time, too, not only to therapy but talking about things you've never talked about before. You might have questions about whether your counsellor can handle the information you present to them and whether they can support you with your struggle. While we cannot alleviate pre-session nervousness, we can offer a free consultation before booking a paid session.      

Why Helps Counselling? 

Most counselling clinics focus on specific issues and symptoms. We don't. Our counsellors are humans first, and they see their clients as humans first. We believe it's essential to build connections and a relationship that supports healing. So that our clients learn how to build healthy, healing relationships in their lives. This is not to say we ignore diagnoses or struggles. This simply means that we believe our clients are bigger than the sum of their struggles.  

What is Lawyer Recommended/Court-ordered Anger Management? 

We offer a 10-session anger management course for those mandated by the court or referred by a lawyer to undertake anger management. At the end of the course, we provide a letter confirming your attendance, any improvements or progress you've made as a result of the course.  

What if I don't like my counsellor?    

If you begin therapy and find out within the first 3 sessions that they aren't the right fit for you, let us know, and we will set you up with a different counsellor. The first session with the new counsellor will be on us.    

It's important to feel comfortable and supported. That doesn't mean you will always feel good in a session. Feelings change as we uncover patterns that don't work for you anymore. That's ok. What's not ok is feeling like your counsellor doesn't understand or receive you. If you feel your counsellor isn't right for you, don't hesitate to follow up with us by phone or email. 

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