Definition and Examples of Attachment Injuries

Attachment injuries occur when there is a significant breach of trust between partners, often during moments of high emotional need. These injuries can happen when one partner is unavailable, unresponsive, or dismissive at a critical time, leading to feelings of abandonment, betrayal, or rejection. Common examples include:

  • A partner being emotionally distant during a major life crisis.
  • Infidelity or deceit within the relationship.
  • Dismissing or minimizing a partner’s expressed emotional needs or concerns.

Impact on Relationships and Emotional Health

Attachment injuries can have profound effects on a relationship and an individual's emotional well-being. They can lead to:

  • Persistent feelings of insecurity and distrust.
  • Increased conflict and emotional distance.
  • Heightened anxiety, depression, or other emotional difficulties.
  • Difficulties in forming and maintaining future relationships.