When I signed up for an ADHD certification course, I didn't expect to start thinking I might have ADHD. But there I was, learning about ADHD, and it hit me—I might have it too. Of course, I wondered if I actually had it or if I just thought I had it because it was what I was focusing on and thinking about. But regardless of whether or not I have it, I started to see ADHD as a spectrum and began to consider that I may not have full-on diagnosable ADHD as per the DSM-5, but I likely have some degree of various symptoms. And I think other people are probably like me in that way. And we could all benefit from some of the ADHD non-medication treatments.

With this new lens, I started to consider trying some of the treatments mentioned in the course I was taking. One that really stood out to me was balance exercises. I felt this treatment got to part of the root problem, an underdeveloped cerebellum. And I always prefer to get to the root of an issue than to just treat a symptom. Balance exercises are not your typical go-to for ADHD treatment, but there was research backing up this recommendation, so I decided to give it a try myself. I found exercises on the Eligned Movement YouTube channel and decided to try them out.

So, since mid-November, I've been doing a little balance routine twice a day. Just 2-3 minutes when I wake up and before I go to bed. It's surprisingly simple and actually kind of fun. The best part? I've noticed a real difference. My focus is sharper, and my balance is better too. I would not have expected this to work, but it did.

The the @eligned channel also has these specific cerebellum exercises, which I have tried but have not been consistent at (yet). My plan is to keep challenging my cerebellum and my overall balance to see how much improvement I can make in improving my focus and attention span.

The bottom line is that adding this tiny thing to my daily routine has been a game-changer. It's easy, effective, and it is fun to see tangible improvements in my balance.

So here's the takeaway from my little adventure into the world of ADHD and balance exercises: sometimes, managing ADHD symptoms doesn't have to be all about medication or intense therapy. There are simple, enjoyable things you can do every day that make a big difference. For me, it's been about finding balance, quite literally. And who knows, maybe it could work for you too. If you're curious, try some balance exercises. It's a small effort with potential a lot to gain, and you might even have fun along the way.


You can also read more about the science behind cerebellum development at:


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