Before embarking on the ADHD Clinical Services Provider (ADHD-CCSP) Certification Course, my understanding of ADHD was superficial, seeing it primarily as a behavioural issue. However, this journey unveiled ADHD as a neurological disorder, characterized by a distinct brain development pattern. This was a pivotal realization for me as a counsellor, especially when interacting with clients who struggle with ADHD. My motivation for this course was to deepen my understanding of their experiences and enhance my skills to assist them more effectively.

One of the most enlightening aspects of this course was exploring the relationship between ADHD and executive functions. These functions, including planning, working memory, and self-regulation, are vital cognitive processes. In ADHD, these abilities are often compromised, leading to difficulties in daily task management and long-term planning. These challenges can present as procrastination, forgetfulness, and difficulty maintaining focus.

A significant shift in my understanding occurred when I learned that ADHD involves more than just inattention or hyperactivity. A key factor is the underactivation of the prefrontal cortex, a brain region essential for executive functions. This underactivation affects individuals' capacity to regulate attention and behaviour effectively.

Equipped with this newfound knowledge, I recognized the importance of targeted strategies for managing ADHD. These strategies include cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness, organizational tools, and lifestyle adjustments such as regular exercise and a nutritious diet. In some scenarios, medication also plays a vital role.

This comprehensive understanding of ADHD and executive function has not only broadened my perspective but also provided me with practical tools and strategies to support my clients more effectively. Recognizing and addressing the challenges in executive function is crucial for anyone affected by ADHD. This approach leads to enhanced daily functioning and a higher quality of life. My journey through this course has been a profound learning experience, offering me valuable insights into the complex nature of ADHD and paving the way for better management and empowerment. This newfound understanding is instrumental in my counselling practice, enabling me to provide more nuanced and effective support to those grappling with ADHD.

Rebecca Helps

Rebecca Helps

Master Therapeutic Counsellor (MTC)

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