Webinar Summary
Insights from Dr. Lynn Kenney's Webinar on Enhancing Support for ADHD and Learning Disabilities

I (Rebecca) recently participated in a webinar hosted by Dr. Lynn Kenney as part of my continuing education as a counsellor and the ADHD-Certified Clinical Services Provider (ADHD-CCSP) training I'm taking. This enlightening session focused on the vital topic of recognizing and supporting the one in five children who are often under-identified and misunderstood with regards to ADHD and learning disabilities.

Dr. Kenney's presentation delved into various critical aspects:

Impact of COVID-19: Addressing the unique challenges faced by children in the post-pandemic school environment.
Influence of Socioeconomic Factors: The role of poverty and low-stimulation environments in brain development.
The Big Five: A focus on self-regulation, phonemic awareness, fundamental movement skills, auditory-visual integration, and executive functions in child development.
Holistic Approach to Intervention: The importance of integrating cognitive, motor, and social-emotional skills in interventions.
Collaborative Efforts: The need for parents, counsellors, and educators to work together in supporting a child's development.

This webinar has enriched my perspective as a counsellor, equipping me with essential knowledge and strategies to support children with ADHD and their families effectively.

To expand further, Dr. Kenney emphasized the need for a shift in educational strategies. She advocated for:

Enhanced Early Brain Stimulation: Encouraging interactive, language-rich environments for young children.
Specialized Training for Educators: Urging the implementation of structured literacy and numeracy education.
Identifying Coexisting Conditions: Recognizing the overlap between ADHD and other disorders like dyslexia and developmental coordination disorder.
Data-Driven Treatment Planning: Utilizing cognitive assessments to tailor interventions.
Physical Activity's Role in Development: Highlighting the connection between physical fitness and cognitive health.

The session was a reminder of the diverse needs of children with ADHD and learning disabilities and the importance of adopting a multifaceted approach to support their learning and development effectively.

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