Unlocking New Strategies with Dr. Stephanie Sarkis
A Journey Beyond Traditional Medication

The webinar "Changing the ADHD Brain: Moving Beyond Medication" by Dr. Stephanie Sarkis PhD, offers a comprehensive exploration of non-medication treatments for ADHD. The key areas covered in the webinar include:

  1. Traditional Treatments and Movement Techniques: It emphasizes integrating movement-based approaches along with traditional ADHD treatments.

  2. Brain Function and Development in ADHD: The webinar delves into the neuroscience behind ADHD, focusing on the frontal lobe and working memory challenges.

  3. Non-Medication Approaches: Dr. Sarkis discusses various non-medication interventions for ADHD such as vestibular and cerebellar exercises, addressing nervous system overstimulation, physical bodywork, environmental influences, dietary considerations, and the use of supplements/neutraceuticals.

  4. Comprehensive ADHD Management: The webinar underscores the importance of a holistic approach in managing ADHD. This involves considering various factors like genetics, brain structure differences, neurotransmitter levels, and impaired executive functions.

  5. Practical Strategies and Techniques: Practical applications, such as the role of exercise, social skills training, and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) in managing ADHD, are highlighted.

Overall, Dr. Sarkis's webinar provides a detailed insight into the multifaceted approach required for effectively managing ADHD beyond medication, emphasizing the role of various therapeutic and lifestyle interventions.