Ongoing vs One-Off Counselling

We offer two types of counselling sessions: ongoing and one-off.

Our ongoing sessions are for individuals who have been struggling with anxiety, depression, anger, trauma, PTSD and other issues over a long time.

These sessions start with an assessment where we learn a bit about your family background, and the home you grew up in. We find out about your current stress and where you are emotional. Along with information on past and present addictions, relationships and trauma. This session is the foundation for multi-session counselling. Designed to identify root issues and resolve them. 

Our one-off sessions are for people facing an immediate problem and need help to understand what is happening and learn a few tools or resources that can help them immediately.

This could be a really bad fight with a loved one, loss of a job, medical diagnoses, loss of a loved one, or anything else that you feel you need help to understand and process in the moment. Designed to help you deal with an immediate problem and find a way to cope in the present. 

You may discover that one session is not enough. If you start coming for regular sessions, more than twice a month, we will need to do an assessment with you. Or if we feel your issues are too complex for one-off sessions we will recommend you switch to ongoing sessions.

Individual counselling sessions for adults with an Associate. An Associate is a fully registered counsellor who is deemed to meet competency requirements of training and experience.

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One-on-one counselling conducted in-person or by video.

Individual counselling is an opportunity to figure out what is happening inside you. What you are concerned about and what you need clarity on. Counselling isn't about fixing you or solving your problems. Counselling is about being heard and being supported in a way that helps you figure out what you are feeling and what you want and need.