Sexuality is a multidimensional experience that involves intimacy, desire, and physical drive.

It may even be a spiritual transcendence between yourself and another.

Sexual orientation is who you feel attracted to, which lies on a spectrum of being attracted to all genders (pansexual), one gender, or no gender (asexual). Healthy sexuality can make you feel revitalized, energized, and engaged. Unhealthy sexuality can leave you feeling frustrated and disappointed.

We offer one-on-one counselling with a trained and competent therapist with experience navigating sexuality and intimacy concerns. Our counsellor—Jeremy Williams (he/him/his)—is specialized in this area. He provides connective, support, and tools you can apply in your relationships. He will also support you as you explore your sexuality and take the taboo out of sex.

Most of us don't grow up in sex-positive environments. When we do not have anyone to talk to about it, we are left to our own devices. We take on outside expectations of what sex should and shouldn't be. If you are not fulfilling these expectations, you feel incompetent or broken. Counselling provides connection and support with navigating sexuality and intimacy issues in a safe space that invites a positive, open mindset towards sex.

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