The multigenerational transmission process is a continuation of family projection.

Chances are that if a parent is a perfectionist it is because their parent was, so they are projecting perfectionism on their own child. This is how anxiety passes from one generation to the next.

Anger, sadness, fear of failure, distrust of government or a different cultural, ethnic or religious group can be passed the same way.

Political beliefs are also passed this way. Many people vote for the same political party because their parents and grandparents did.  

If people are only voting that way because their parents did, that is a problem. The reason for voting for that party may no longer be valid or in line with an individual's core beliefs.

It is crucial to question whether your beliefs or feelings are your own. Do you believe something or feel something based on your experiences, or are they inherited from your family? And if your beliefs or feelings are inherited are they helping or hindering you. We each have the right to choose what we believe, and to change our beliefs whether or not those around us agree.    

Questions to Ask Yourself

What beliefs did you inherit? 

What feelings did you inherit?  

Chatper 3: Family Projection Process Chapter 5: Emotional Cut-Off