Are you struggling to connect to your partner?

Are there a whole bunch of issues and problems and no solutions insight?


If that's the case you have come to the right place. The most common problems couples and families face come down to being frustrated with each other's behaviour. We think that if we can just get them to change the behaviour the problem will go away. But changing behaviour isn't simple and even if our partner agrees to pick up their socks, put the dishes in the dishwasher, work less, communicate more, these behavioural changes or often short-lived. That is because the root issue hasn't been addressed. The root issue is never the socks!

In couples sessions, you will learn about your own and your partner's defence systems and how they play out to create the breakdown of your relationship.

Couples sessions are for two adults who are in a relationship.

Amanda Moule


Consultation Team


Struggling to Connect to your Family?

Learn how to build a supportive family

In family sessions, we work on how our defences are impacting our family and how children (minor or adult children) are developing defences in response to the defences of parents and how parents are then responding to the defences of the child. And how siblings develop different strategies amongst each other to navigate all of this. Like with couples we work to create a safe space where everyone has a chance to come out from behind their defences and learn how to communicate with and support each other.