Gender is the way that you feel inside your own body.
It could be the same or different than what your sex is at birth.

You express your gender through your pronoun, dress style, hair, voice, or mannerisms. Most importantly, gender is something all of us grow into. It can be isolating and lonely when it feels like your experience is different from what the majority experiences or "should" experience. When we find ourselves in spaces that are heteronormative and/or unaccepting of gender diversity. And that can feel shameful and stigmatizing.

One-on-one counselling with a therapist can assist you in navigating the emotional, physical, and spiritual journey of gender identity. Our counsellor—Jeremy Williams (he/his/him)—specializes in this area. He provides a safe, supportive space that meets the needs of individuals who are unsure about their gender identity or struggle with coping with the stigma and lack of support around gender diversity.

No matter where you are on the spectrum of gender, it's a deeply personal and individual experience. We strive to meet you wherever you are on your journey. We want to support you in feeling comfortable in your own skin, expression, and identity.