Welcome to Our ADHD Resource Hub

As a certified clinical services provider specializing in ADHD, I (Rebecca Helps) am thrilled to introduce this dedicated section on ADHD. Through my training in the ADHD-Certified Clinical Services Provider program, I've gained profound insights into ADHD, particularly focusing on a strength-based approach. To help share these insights I have created this resource hub to help support parents of children with ADHD and adults living with the condition.

Our Approach: Understanding and Empowerment

We understand the challenges and stigma often associated with ADHD. Growing up with ADHD can bring feelings of shame and a sense of not meeting traditional benchmarks. Our approach is to help adults process these experiences and work through these challenges. For children, we hope to help children avoid taking on shame by supporting both them and their families in learning ways to not just live with ADHD but also thrive.

We aim to empower both adults and children to embrace their unique strengths and navigate life with confidence.

Resource Structure

  • Blog Posts Based on Our Learning Resources: For every course we take or book we read, you'll find an accompanying blog post. These posts delve into key insights and practical strategies we have learned and offer a deeper understanding of ADHD.
  • Handouts for Additional Support: Alongside each blog post, we provide handouts covering vital topics. These handouts are designed to be practical, easy-to-understand resources for both adults and parents.
  • Emotional Support for Living with ADHD: Our team is equipped to help individuals process the emotional toll of living with ADHD. Growing up with ADHD can often lead to feelings of frustration, misunderstanding, and a sense of falling short of expectations. Our counsellors understand these unique challenges and provide a supportive space for individuals to explore and reconcile these feelings. Through empathy, expertise, and tailored therapeutic approaches, we aim to assist in healing past emotional wounds and empowering individuals to embrace their ADHD as a part of their unique journey, fostering a positive self-image and resilience for the future.

Commitment to Continuous Learning

We are committed to staying abreast of the latest research and techniques in ADHD management. This section will be regularly updated with new insights and resources.

Invitation to Connect

We encourage you to explore these resources, read our blog posts, and use the handouts. If you find yourself needing more personalized support, our team of counsellors is here to assist you. Reach out to us for tailored advice and counselling sessions.

Together, let's reshape the narrative around ADHD and unlock the full potential of those living with it.