On bad days, parenting is hard.

On good days, parenting is still tricky.

When we make mistakes, we feel like failures. When we don't enjoy parenting, we feel ashamed. When we have kids, we can feel like we lose ourselves, and there isn't time or space or freedom to just BE. It's easy to start feeling depleted and helpless under the weight of expectations, to-do lists, and other people's needs.

We offer one-on-one and family counselling to support you in navigating family crises and challenges. Our therapists help with a wide range of issues that touch all families (nuclear, single-parent, multicultural, interfaith, and blended).

Support from a professional therapist helps you understand the complexities of family dynamics. Counselling offers focused support, connection, and options.

It takes a village to raise a child. But in modern society, these villages are smaller and smaller, despite the responsibilities of parents growing. Counselling helps parents receive support for themselves and understand how to build their resource networks outside of therapy.

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