Trauma is an adverse event that you feel you didn't have the resources and support to cope with it at the time it happened.

Trauma can happen to children or adults; it can be recent or past.

The effects of trauma linger in your life. You experience stress that has no apparent explanation, flashbacks, feelings of despair and helplessness. You feel like you are in survival mode, and it prevents you from feeling peace. It's hard for you to feel trust and safety in your relationships with others.

We offer one-on-one professional counselling with a therapist trained in trauma-informed, resilience-focused techniques and lived experience of trauma. Counselling is a way to understand what happened to you (or what you witnessed) in a safe, supportive, and guided environment.

Talking about trauma can feel like you don't want to "go there" because it feels risky, unsafe, and shameful. We revisit the trauma feelings for you to receive healing and build resiliency. It's a way of reconnecting and healing our relationship with the past, which allows you to redirect your defences and show up in your present relationships with more grace, presence, and authenticity.

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