Do you want to weigh less?

Do you want to be happy at the weight you are?

Do you want to be able to stick to a diet? Do you want to eat healthily but don't know what healthy eating is? Are you getting a message to celebrate your body and have feelings of frustration when it isn't the body you want?

You are someone who has experienced pain and hurt because of your weight. You have felt trapped in a body that doesn't feel right. You live in a society that tells you something is wrong with you because of what you look like.

We offer one-on-one professional counselling with therapists with lived experience of weight issues. We understand the impact. We look for the root cause of your beliefs about your body. Together, we work towards receiving healing and developing more positive, healthier beliefs.

Our therapists have extensive training in helping clients develop their own inner resources to combat their inner critic. Allowing them to feel more comfortable and accepted in their own body—whatever it looks like.

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