Self-acceptance can feel like an illusion.

You try, strive, achieve, and perform, yet you are still left feeling like you are not good enough.

You might not even know where this feeling comes from; you just know that you don't like seeing your face in the mirror at the end of the day. You feel deflated, low, vulnerable, and hopeless. It's hard to receive love and affection, which can make your relationships feel unbalanced and unfulfilling.

We offer one-on-one counselling with a trained therapist with lived experience in learning to accept themselves. We explore and address the feelings, beliefs, and past events that may have contributed to a low sense of self-worth.

Self-acceptance can be difficult to heal because it's sometimes elusive. We just assume others don't want us around. We often don't want to be with ourselves. We believe this is the way we are built. We think we are less-than. We assume others are much more capable, beautiful, and intelligent than we are. In counselling, we challenge these beliefs and create new, healthier ones. We also address the behaviours in your life that reinforce a lack of self-acceptance.

Our therapists are well-trained in relational therapy, which is key to finding self-acceptance. We don't do mantras and self-help strategies. We support you in healing the root causes of your low self-acceptance and support you in revitalizing your relationship with yourself and others.